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The Story Thread honors the best of humanity and universal values by celebrating diversity. This educators’ workshop is designed to illustrate the use of storytelling as a teaching tool in a multi-cultural society. Appreciation of diversity is promoted by identifying stereotypes, aesthetics and world views. Specific attention is given to the use of language. Participants learn to “locate the text” of authors/storytellers, examine stories that teach common values, and promote oral skills in the classroom. Proverbs and traditional tales are used to stimulate group and individual storytelling.

Tellin’ For Tots is designed to enhance the preschool curriculum and stimulate providers to create and enhance stories, songs, and interactive play for early childhood development. Teachers design lesson plans using story to reinforce academic and moral themes.

Caught by the Tale: Storytelling Across the Elementary Curriculum reinforces Storytelling as a primary tool in organizing information through narrative. Teachers learn creative and effective techniques that enhance content standards and engage multiple intelligences through the art of storytelling. The cross-curricular approach assists educators in strengthening learning outcomes in Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art and Physical Education. Designed as a highly interactive and fun in-service workshop chock full of resourceful exercises and teaching tools.

Jazz History with Dwight James (limited to Philadelphia-South Jersey area) is designed to widen an individual’s knowledge of Jazz. Materials used to enhanced that knowledge include: recordings of slave songs, early ragtime time, boogie-woogie, big band & swing era, modern jazz and blues. Participants are responsible for bringing their instruments when performing with a professional jazz trio that will highlight improvisational skills. Students broaden opportunities in their performance careers by being mentored in producing, recording, and managing. Dialogue with musicians who have exerted a significant influence in the continuing creation of Jazz Music History is a key element of the mentoring process.

Workshops and Residencies may be custom designed for academic, community, and corporate venues.