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Queen Nur customizes keynote speeches, authors white papers for panels, and co-creates scripts for emceeing for conferences, national events, and academic presentations. 2019 works include, Emcee for the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellows Award Concert, Panelist, American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, and Panel Facilitator and Coach for Consumers for the National Conference on Complex Health Care.

Storytelling coaching for advocacy and business is a series of interactive workshops designed to effectively weave the art of personal stories and folktales with industry knowledge to inspire and engage listeners. Crafting, and lifting the story off the page by optimizing performance techniques are integral components of the training. The sessions include a group process, partnering and one-on-one coaching that are custom designed. Co-creating and producing a storytelling concert to amplify voice on causes or perspectives is an option for coaching residencies. Coaching can be conducted face-to-face and through the internet.

Oral History Projects
Collecting stories through oral history  provides the opportunity to preserve and archive the history and culture of organizations, families, movements and causes.  The project designed is a co-creation with our clients and may produce, archival documents, a collective written story, video,  mini-documentary or performance.  Sample.


The Role of Storytelling in Cultural Sustainability 
This keynote presents four case models of applied storytelling. The models provide examples of how to engage the community in seeking solutions to below average literacy rates; re-entry into society; media misrepresentation; and, the lack of using folk arts to address social justice issues.

The Storyteller/Artist as Community Cultural Ambassador
Best practices and innovative methods in building a community-arts-in-practice model are presented through a keynote or multi-day format. The presentation is designed to build thriving communities, empower community members and raise community voice through storytelling and other folk arts. Participants explore concepts in social entrepreneurship, community engagement, assets-based needs assessment, fund development and evaluation.

Extending the Kitchen Table 
On occasion we gather around hearth and home to share our everyday tales and family stories. This hands-on workshop presents an avenue to deepen that tradition by expanding the gift of storytelling to a collective practice in our communities. Fun and interactive techniques will stir-up the beauty of our cultural differences while we simmer in the sameness of our humanity. Participants will explore ways to use these stories to create dialogue around community assets and issues.

Pearls and Cacti 
This sister circle is a celebration of womanhood through story. Shero stories are told through historical tales, personal stories, myths or folktales. Participants are engaged in sharing stories of strength and vulnerability; courage and healing; and, wisdom and creativity. Women learn to tell stories that affect all five senses in a moving workshop that facilities learning from the past to live fully in the present.

Basket Mouth: Amplifying Community Voice
Designed specifically for seeking solutions to community issues, this workshop teaches how to gather and use stories to advocate for change. Community members whose stories are often invisible are coached in how to use the oral tradition to tell vivid and compelling stories to build awareness and articulate a vision of hope and resolve.

Workshops, Residencies and Keynotes may be custom designed for academic, community, and corporate venues.