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Storytelling & Folklife Traditions

Our everyday lives are filled with story, as we work, play, make quilts, dance, spit spoken word, create dolls, drum, style hair, praise dance, sing the blues, step, social dance, imbibe ethnic foods or have the will to adorn as we dress. In collaboration with In FACT, Inc.: Innovative Solutions through Folk Art, Culture and Tradition, Queen Nur presents customized programs and workshops together with master folk artists. The program may consist of skill development for participants in a residency format, or a mini-concert and presentation in a performance format.

Digital Programming
Queen Nur collaborates with organizations, libraries, government agencies  and businesses to customize digital storytelling content.  Stories or poems are thematically created and produced through audio or video formats, including green screen productions.  From promotional ads to an hour concert, pre-recorded or live presentations can be viewed on such platforms as Zoom, FACEBOOK, Youtube or websites.  The above sample, Ours To Carry, is a national project in celebration of the 100th Year Anniversary of the 19th Amendment.