Fascinating, Wonderful, Mesmerizing!
Belinda Morton, NJN Public Television
Rare and unusual, your energy came straight at me!
Ken Arthur, Theatreworks USA
Without a doubt, Exchange Place is truly a highlight of the weekend for our audience. It was exciting to see the spillover crowd for your performance…”
Susan O' Connor, National Storytelling Festival
WOW! What a performance… Usually [students] talk about the performance right afterward, but I’ve never heard the inspiration last until after the weekend.
B. Randall, Westown Elementary School
“Queen Nur has been an integral part of the Poetry Out Loud program at Cinnaminson High School, and the reason we’ve made it to the State competition. The kids get excited when they hear of her arrival, and her artistic and spirited approach is powerful, as the students learn to lift the words from the page, give them life and deliver their poems to the audience, like gifts.”
Amy O Hearn
If I could give you a grade, I would give you an A+++++!
2nd Grade Student, Grace Rogers Elementary School
The best assembly program I’ve seen in the entire 25 years I’ve been teaching!
Physical Education Teacher, Fleetwood Elementary School
You did a wonderful job of exemplifying both the entertainment and teaching functions of African storytelling. My colleagues and I were very impressed by your ability to elicit the enthusiastic response of even our most challenging students.
Amy Cohen, Abington Junior High School
Queen Nur is the genuine article, a true griot, with all of the depth of knowledge and calling up of emotion and memory one could ask. She never fails to educate and motivate us in the ways that human beings should aspire to live with one another.
Sharon Benson, Salina Arts & Humanities

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